We Deliver Clean, Comfortable Air
We Deliver Clean, Comfortable Air

Customer Testimonials

Curious as to what our customers say about Kinser & Kinser? See for yourself...

"I LOVE my new stuff! I didn't think I'd notice much of a difference, but I was really wrong. The first couple of times I walked into the house, I thought my electricity was out because it was so quiet. I have the thermostat on 77 now and it's cool in the back bedroom. Best of all, my living room is very comfortable during the day in spite of the sky lights. It will be interesting to see if the heating situation changes this winter. If nothing else, I'm hoping my heating bills will go down.

I only met the guy in charge the day they installed everything because I left soon after he arrived. I think his name was Gabe and he was very professional. They finished the entire job by the time I returned home at 2:30 and he showed me how to work the new thermostat and change the filter."


"It is with sincere appreciation that we write this letter thanking you for your part in helping us build our beautiful new log home. Without the help of so many talented and dedicated people, our dream of building a log home would never have come true."

-Bob, Brenda and Ben
Louisville, Kentucky

"This past Monday, you folks installed a new heat and air conditioning system for me. I wanted to let you know that from the person answering the telephone till the job was completed that everything went in a very professional manner. They (the installers) did a very professional job installing the new unit and the area was clean and neat when they finished. I commend you and your staff for a job well done and can recommend you to other customers."

-Richard D.
LaGrange, Kentucky

"I hope this letter reaches the owners of Kinser and Kinser Inc, since it highly commends your employees. Both my husband and I couldn't have been happier with the services provided and the final result…they (the installers) are not only good at their job they are delightful to have around. We will highly recommend your company to coworkers and friends!"

-Susan B.
Louisville, Kentucky

"Just a note to let you know that the crew that put in my system did a real good job. I am well satisfied with their work. They were real nice an I would recommend them to anyone."

-Louie S.
Carrolton, Kentucky

"We were pleased with the work. The man you sent was very professional and courteous."

-Toni R.
Louisville, Kentucky

"Thank you for the exellent job you did at our company. You were always on time and your salesman was great to work with!"

-Mark W.
Goshen, Kentucky

The day I brought my new baby home, the air conditioner went out and Mr. Kinser came to my home to do the repairs. He immediately identified the solution, made one phone call to his office and the men in his company responded with speed and professionalism. Even though I completely understood that my parts were not in stock that didn't make the rising temperatures in my home any easier to deal with and that is when Larry looked at the reddening face of my wife and our new baby. He went straight to his own home to get multiple air conditioning units from his garage and installed them in my windows. I will always remember Larry going the extra mile to help a neighbor. Over the past five years, I have had Mr. Kinser's best interest at heart and I share this testimonial with anyone who brought up the topic of HVAC service companies. I am pleased to have this opportunity to add my written testimonial to the list of satisfied customers. To Mr. Kinser and his team, I just want to say thank you for five years of reliable service.

-Kevin W.
Crestwood, Kentucky

"I recently contacted and met with three different HVAC contractors that I randomly picked from the yellow pages phone book. All three were well known and respected companies in the Louisville area. I was interested in information and pricing on the new furnace and air conditioning units.

Without a doubt, your employee, Comfort Consultant Bart Diprospero was the best prepared, most professional and presented me with the most thorough explanation of today's technically advanced units and presented me with various options and recommendations.

He arrived exactly on time the two days he came to my home. He explained in detail the entire installation process and also offered me the option of financing. He also spoke very highly of the Kinser and Kinser Company and all of their employees.

He kindly suggested that I would have to clear some areas of my basement to allow for the access for installation team, then he surprisingly offered to stop by one evening when he was finished with work to give me a hand.

I am overly impressed with everything Bart has done for me to ease the burden in making a very important and difficult financial decision. Because of Bart Diprospero I feel very confident in choosing Kinser and Kinser to be my current and future heating, cooling and plumbing contractor."

-Jim M.

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